Malling Battle of Prints 2017

Entries from 11 local clubs
'Match Report' from Tony Bentley, as posted on Facebook.

Just back from Malling and the battle of the prints. We had a good showing coming 4th ONE point behind the winners (yep 3 clubs tied on 106, we scored 105. Final result was all done on 'mark-back'

Final table:
1st Parkwood. 106
2nd Staplehurst 106
3rd Sittingbourne 106
4th Invicta 105
5th Faversham 105
6th Gravesend 103
7th Bexleyheath 103
8th Reflex 101
9th Sevenoaks 100
10th Malling 98
11th Dartford 98

Our individual scores:
Richard Walton, Leaving Horsted Keynes 20
Fran Walding, Dream Dancer 17
Fran Walding, Flamingo Lagoon 16
Richard Walton, Sea Mist Guernsey 16
Ray Garlick, The Glance 16
Tony Bentley, Walking into the Storm 20

Think we can hold our head up. The judge was Clive Tanner. (Noticeably does like 'composites!)