Marley Medallion 2019

Inter club competition, judged by Cherry Larcombe ARPS DPAGB BPE5* EFIAP
Annual competition for local clubs, although only three took part this year. Not a great result for Invicta. Overall third place on 272 points, behind Maidstone (283) and Malling (292). The good news is that we beat Maidstone by three points in the print section.

Thank you to everybody who put work forward for selection. Individual titles and scores as follows:

And Over, Tracy Hughes 19
Autumn Bounty, John Austin 20
Drinks Bar, Zoe Garnham-Archer 16
Lunchtime for a Least Chipmunk, Chas Bedford 17
Otter Pups, Joan Austin 17
Peaches and Cream, Mick Sayer 16
Reflections of Wren, Chas Bedford 18
Waiting, Andrew Garnham 17

Colour Me Purple, Andrew Garnham 17
Enchanted Forest, Mick Sayer 16
Giants in the Mist, Zoe Garnham-Archer 16
Lavender Dream, Zoe Garnham-Archer 16
Meerkat Trio, Tracy Hughes 16
Selfie at Angkor Wat, Chas Bedford, 15
Solitude, Tracy Hughes 18
White Pelicans in Grand Tetons National Park, Chas Bedford 18